Monday, December 31, 2012

13 Motivations for the New Year

Lately I have been in a funk (I would rather hide under the covers all day than interact with another human being).  This, unfortunately, is a familiar routine for me because I have suffered from depression for many years.  With help from counselors, medication, and a steady support system I am able to pull out of my funk without letting it completely consume me.  One positive thing about these funks is my ability to reflect on my life.  Out of my most recent funk I have realized that I need to find some long-term motivation; so I have decided to start the new year off right (don't we all decide this?).  To maintain motivation while making improvements to my life I made a list of things (13 to match the year!) that I will focus on throughout the year.  To help me stay motivated I am sharing my list with my support system and you...Here goes!

13 Motivations for 2013

1. Build intimacy in my marriage.  My husband and I have a wonderful marriage and we get along great...I just don't want that to disappear.  I want to maintain and build upon the intimacy that we have.
2. Nourish my spiritual life.  I am much more calmer when I attend church regularly...I need to get back to that!
3. Nurture current relationships.  I have not been the greatest friend lately.  I need to make and spend time with friends and reach out to them more often.
4. Read more.  I am going to read one non-school related book each month.
5. Accept that I will grow old.  This will happen and I need to start taking preventative measures so I age gracefully...this means washing off my makeup every night before bed no matter how tired I am.
6. Get physical. I feel better when I exercise regularly; so why do I always stop once my yoga or piloxing classes are done?
7. Be positive. I am a firm believer in being positive in life and positive things will happen; however, I need to stop dwelling on the negative.  I also, need to stop expecting it.  No one likes a Negative Nelly!
8. Quit holding grudges.  Leave the past in the past; don't stew and simmer on others' shortcomings.  If I can change, so can others, and I need to give them a chance to prove that!
9. Be more stylish. I need to get out of my jeans/t-shirt/sweater uniform!
10. Say yes. Saying no leaves little opportunity to new experiences and adventures.
11. Create. Create something new at least once a month and share it with others.
12. Make the house a home.  I've lived here for almost two is time to move in already!
13. Take care of myself. Relax, eat right, take breaks, and share my feelings.

There it is!  What is your motivation for the new year?

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