Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kelsie Necklace


I made this necklace for my niece, Kelsie (hence the name!)  This layered necklace is so freaking cute that I wanted to keep it for myself!

1 Lobster Clasp
Cording String
12 Jump Rings
4 Crimp Beads
2 Small Ribbon Clamps
6 Charms (I found these cute mirrors at Michaels)
25" Lace or Crochet Trim
26" Chain
24" Chain
24" Pearls
25" Beads
I started by adding the jump rings to each end of each piece of chain.  Then I placed the ribbon clamps on the end of the lace and again added jump rings.  Next, using the crimp beads on the ends of the bead cording I created a loop to attach my jump ring and then started stringing on the pearls (thanks to my old job at the jewelry store this went rather quickly!).  Repeat for the larger beads.  Take all the strands (with jump rings on each end) and group together with one single jump ring (this creates your layers).  Attach the lobster class...and then randomly place the charms on the necklace.  Perfect!!

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